NFL Sports Law Round Tables

The UB Center for the Advancement of Sports and the UB Alumni Association present two exciting NFL open discussions.

With the NFL draft right around the corner, now is the perfect time for the University at Buffalo to play host to three amazing guest speakers, Dave Gardi on April 13th and Michael North and Charlotte Carey on April 22nd.

I. Dave Gardi

Dave Gardi is the Senior Vice President of Football Operations, Policy, and Compliance for the NFL. Gardi is one of the rare few people who had the opportunity to play a sport at a high level and thereafter reach the pinnacle of a separate career path.

Gardi is both a former quarterback for Brown University and a lawyer — parlaying his on-field knowledge with learned legal skills to carry out the everyday functions of his role as a VP in the NFL. Gardi’s role ranges all the way from ensuring compliance with drone usage during poor weather conditions to verifying the PSI of NFL game balls. Gardi’s key function is to ensure the integrity of the NFL game — through its policies and rules administration — is maintained.

Gardi’s role is much easier said than done and he will be speaking virtually on April 13th at 12 PM – 1PM about the difficulties and routine (and not-so routine issues) he must deal with.

Please use the following link to register:

II. Michael North & Charlotte Carey

Michael North serves as Vice President of Broadcast Planning and Charlotte Carey serves as Director of Broadcasting, both for the NFL.

One of the most exciting days during the NFL offseason is when the League releases the schedule for each team. At this juncture, fans circle potential wins and losses for their respective team, reasonings why their team will make the playoffs (or receive the number one draft pick). Nevertheless, those predictions are typically wrong and what fans do not realize is the complexities behind creating a cohesive regular season schedule for all 32 teams.

The NFL must build a 272-game regular season schedule across 18 weeks that includes home and away games, “bye weeks”, holiday games, stadium use conflicts, broadcast ratings, competitive discrepancies, and more. Schedule makers use cloud-based computers to create thousands of possible schedules to assist before finalizing what many fans consider an NFL holiday, schedule release day. 

North and Carey will be joining UB virtually on April 22nd from 12 PM – 1PM to discuss the intricacies of their job and how they ultimately choose the final regular season schedule.

Please Use the following link to register:

We are looking forwarding to playing host to the three amazing NFL speakers and look forward to having you join us!

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