Women in the NFL

The attorney general of six different states have written their concerns to commissioner Roger Goodell expressing concern over the treatment of woman employees in the National Football League. Their written concerns include accusations of negligence in lacking to improve to the league’s workplace culture. If there is no improvement, the attorneys general has warned Roger Goodell of potential legal action. Gender discrimination ranging from the National Football League’s treatment of women who have experience domestic violence to the hiring process and promotion of women in NFL offices were outlined in this letter. [1] The NFL has previously been reprimanded with the rather leniency in punishment for their players being accused of domestic violence. Alongside this letter is the investigation from Congress of how the league has handled claims of sexual harassment in the front office of the Washington Commanders. [2] The attorney general of New York, Letitia James, signed this letter along with the attorney generals of Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon, and Washington State. [3] Among these concerns a New York Times article was cited that included allegations from more than 30 former NFL employees who said they experienced problems. [4] These problems included unwanted touching from male bosses, attending parties where prostitutes were hired, being passed over for promotions based on their gender, and being pushed out for complaining of discrimination. [5]

            Being a female in a predominantly male business is hard enough as it is without having to deal with the allegations stated in the above referenced letter. [6] To have to come to work and already face some intimidation from having to constantly prove yourself and your knowledge in a male sport, and then must threaten legal action to even be heard is unacceptable. The NFL has made minimal efforts to obtain equal treatment including pink jerseys. [7] Which if anything, in my opinion, is almost borderline offensive. To slap pink as a label for all women and make a feminine uniform is contradicting the entire idea of it. Instead of using a pink jersey to express femininity, lets treat women in the workplace equally.  

            The NFL spokesman responded, via email, expressing that the league has made “great strides” over the years to support the commitment, while acknowledging that they still have work to do. [8] Just last month the NFL changed what is known as the “Rooney Rule,” designed to ensure more opportunities for women and racial minorities. Beginning this season, all 32 clubs must employ a woman or a member of an ethnic or racial minority to serve as an offensive coach. The person will receive a one-year contract and work closely with the head coach and offensive staff to gain experience. [9] But why does a rule need to be implemented to achieve equality. Having to implement a rule in place defeats the whole purpose of inclusivity, because you’re hiring workers to meet a quota, not to be inclusive. Do better NFL.

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