Select Contracts: The NBA’s Newest Project has Many Asking “Why?”

The NBA’s New System of Select Contracts Brings about More Questions than Answers for “Elite” Players. A few weeks back, in an article discussing the league’s one-year-removed rule, we briefly touched on the NBA’s introduction of Select Contracts. Introduced unexpectedly as a surprise to many, these contracts have been advertised as a “comprehensive professional path,”... Continue Reading →

$50,000? NBA…What Exactly are you Doing?

On Monday, superstar forward Anthony Davis informed the New Orleans Pelicans that he had no intentions of re-signing with the team at the end of his contract, and publicly requested a trade from the only franchise that he has played for in his entire seven-year career. There had been rumblings about Davis being frustrated with... Continue Reading →

When $10 Million isn’t Enough…

Disturbing and heartbreaking. Those are the words NBA commissioner Adam Silver used to describe the just-released report on systemic misconduct in the Dallas Mavericks organization. Those words do not go far enough. I’d suggest inexcusable and unacceptable. The report is the end result of a months-long investigation into allegations of rampant sexual harassment and mistreatment... Continue Reading →

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