Vegas Circumventing the Cap? Part 2

One of the most contentious issues in the NHL is the use of Long Term Injured Reserve (“LTIR”) to navigate the salary cap. As previously noted in “NHL Salary Cap Issues: Circumventing the Cap?”[1] teams have often used LTIR to stay under the salary cap, and then activate players during the playoffs when the salary cap... Continue Reading →

The NHL Lottery System Explained

As the NHL season comes to an end, and sixteen teams punch their tickets to the post-season, the remaining teams that did not qualify still have something to look forward to, the NHL Draft Lottery. While a date has yet to be set for the lottery, at some point following the completion of the season,... Continue Reading →

Dadonov Trade Rejected by the NHL

March 21, 2022 marked a major day on the NHL calendar, the Trade Deadline. As it passed, numerous teams either added pieces for a playoff push, or traded players for additional draft capital. One team in an interesting position is the Vegas Golden Knights. Prior to the season, Vegas was considered one of the favorites... Continue Reading →

Non-Russian Hockey Players Are Leaving the KHL Amidst Russia/Ukraine Conflict

The Russia/Ukraine conflict has affected all areas of life, especially the world of sports. As noted in “The Russia/Ukraine Conflict and the Impact on Hockey”[1] and “Meet Dan Milstein: The Ukrainian-Born Super-Agent Representing Majority of NHL’s Russian Players,”[2] this conflict has had a significant impact on the sport of hockey. Described in an article mentioned above, the... Continue Reading →

The Russia/Ukraine Conflict and the Impact on Hockey

The current Russia-Ukraine conflict is a controversial situation that has shocked the world. It has continued to gain worldwide attention and has affected all areas of life. As noted in "The Impact of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine on International Sporting Events,"[1] the conflict has also had major effects on the world of sports.[2] Specifically, the sport of... Continue Reading →

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