Trade-Related Scratches Gain More Traction

As previously discussed in “Scratching a Player for Trade-Related Reasons?”, teams have begun to scratch potential trade targets in order to prevent injuries that may torpedo a deal. The trend of scratching a player for trade-related reasons, as discussed in the mentioned article, began with the Coyotes and the Blue Jackets, who scratched Jakob Chychrun... Continue Reading →

Scratching a Player for Trade-Related Reasons?

Scratching a player for trade related reasons (“TRR”) has gained significant traction lately, as the Arizona Coyotes announced that 24 year-old defenseman Jakob Chychrun would be a healthy scratch for TRR.[1] The Coyotes then announced that Chychrun would continue to “remain out of the lineup until something happens.”[2] Chychrun is one of the top players for the... Continue Reading →

Meet Joseph Shaw: Former NFL Player Agent

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Joseph Shaw, partner at Shaw & Shaw P.C., and former NFL player agent. Joseph is a Buffalo native who attended Canisius High School. Following high school, Joseph went Lemoyne College for undergrad before attending the University of Toledo for law school. When asked about whether law school... Continue Reading →

NHL Concludes Investigation into Ian Cole

The NHL recently concluded its investigation regarding Ian Cole’s sexual misconduct allegations.[1] In a tweet in early October, a woman claimed that she and Cole’s relationship had started when she was a minor and that Cole had groomed her over a four-year stretch.[2] In addition, she accused Cole of pressuring her into sex while she was a... Continue Reading →

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