New York Law School’s NIL Pro Bono Project and Why They are the Only Permitted Advocate for Student-Athletes in their State

Photo via NYLS_NIL Twitter The NIL marketplace is one that is new and uncertain. On October 26, the NCAA clarified its interim NIL policy. In the NCAA’s most recent guidelines, it makes clear that schools cannot engage in negotiations on behalf of an NIL entity or a student-athlete to secure specific NIL opportunities.[1] However, the... Continue Reading →

Protecting Youth Athletes in the NIL Era

In recent months, name, image, and likeness opportunities have quickly filtered down from the collegiate ranks to the high school and youth levels. To protect youth athletes in this space, Philadelphia Councilmember Isaiah Thomas recently introduced the “Philly NIL Youth Protection Act.”[1] The purpose of this ordinance is to establish provisions related to education and... Continue Reading →

Does the NBA Have a Tanking Issue?

            The NBA’s current lottery system encourages teams who are struggling to do the least possible to be in the best position to select the draft prospect of their choice. The NBA lottery system works like this: The bottom 14 teams are put into a lottery and based on their standings at the end of... Continue Reading →

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