Hey, NCAA Schools: Spend Wisely

A recent antitrust lawsuit filed by the US Department of Justice aims to put more money into the pockets of college athletics departments across the country.  Now, as college athletics sits on the brink of major change, it's up to the schools to spend this new money wisely. It is no secret that the advent of "big-time"... Continue Reading →

Select Contracts: The NBA’s Newest Project has Many Asking “Why?”

The NBA’s New System of Select Contracts Brings about More Questions than Answers for “Elite” Players. A few weeks back, in an article discussing the league’s one-year-removed rule, we briefly touched on the NBA’s introduction of Select Contracts. Introduced unexpectedly as a surprise to many, these contracts have been advertised as a “comprehensive professional path,”... Continue Reading →

Countdown to NCAA Frozen Four Buffalo 2019, (Part 1): What Makes College Hockey So Unique

Photo Cred:http://www.d.umn.edu/base/home_pics/2011/04.html The NCAA Frozen Four arrives in Buffalo April 11th. The four teams that win their respective regional tournaments will arrive to play, as well as many of the most prominent hockey figures in hockey (looking at you Barry Melrose). It is an exciting event for Buffalo and for hockey fans generally. For college hockey... Continue Reading →

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