Judge Declares Pittsburgh’s “Jock Tax” For Professional Athletes Unconstitutional

[1] Last week, Allegheny County Judge Christine Ward struck down a fee levied by the City of Pittsburgh against visiting professional athletes’ wages, calling the fee an unconstitutional tax under Pennsylvania law.[2] The fee was originally challenged in court in November 2019, spearheaded by three athletes, including New York Islanders right-winger Kyle Palmieri, former Pittsburgh... Continue Reading →

Misappropriating funds for your Favre-orite University

Being a Hall of Fame quarterback has its perks. Fame, recognition, connections, and persuasive social power. Unfortunately, that power is not without flaw. Recently released text messages confirmed that former Mississippi governor Phil Bryant helped Brett Favre in diverting “at least $5 million of the state’s welfare funds” to construct a new volleyball arena for... Continue Reading →

The Carousel Continues to Spin

Just last week I wrote about the decisions by Nebraska and Arizona State to fire their head football coaches only a few weeks into the 2022 regular season.[1] Less than a few hours after that post went live, on September 26, 2022, another major college football coach was relieved of his duties. Specifically, Georgia Tech... Continue Reading →

NHL Proposes Sharp Salary Cap Increase

The NHL salary cap rose for the first time in three seasons this year, setting at $82.5 million for the 2022-23 season.[1]COVID-19 had a significant negative impact on the NHL’s revenue streams. Commissioner Gary Bettman asserted the league had suffered losses of more than $1 billion.[2] Over the past four seasons, the salary cap has remained... Continue Reading →

Tua Take 2: Dr. John Leddy’s Thoughts

Last week I wrote about the NFLPA’s investigation into how the Miami Dolphins handled quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s injury. Dr. John Leddy weighed in and explained what he saw and how he was shocked that Tua was able to return to the game. The injury appeared to look like a concussion to most people besides the... Continue Reading →

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