A Lawyer Walks Into a Sports Arena…

Lawsuits against Madison Square Garden or one of its entities might now be met with a temporary ban from events. Image of MSG welcoming fans it hasn't banned – NBC.com Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corporation (“MSG”) is the business that owns the popular Madison Square Garden, Radio City, Beacon Theater, and Chicago Theater venues. The... Continue Reading →

Home-Field Over-Advantage

Home-field advantage is important in any sport. The benefits include favorable cheers, a cushy locker room, no travel, a sea of fans, and a familiar climate. The gain that a home team gets is widely recognized and is treated accordingly by having an even amount of home and away games. However, some home-field situations seem... Continue Reading →

Are the Rams at home in LA?

The Rams have been one of the more mobile teams in the NFL in terms of relocation. The team has called three different cities home and has brought a Superbowl win to two of them. Despite their recent success, the Rams are still plagued with attendance issues and low ratings. Los Angeles is a bustling... Continue Reading →

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