Fight of the Year at MSG – New York

Madison Square Garden has a history of big fights. Some notable fight cards include Muhammad Ali v. Joe Fraizer, Connor McGregor v. Eddie Alvarez, and even Hulk Hogan v. The Iron Shiek. The next big opponent seems to be the state and local governments of New York. MSG is facing New York bureaucracy on all... Continue Reading →

Former NFL Players Bring Disability Class Action

Ten players filed an 89-page complaint in Maryland federal court on Thursday, stating that they were denied fair evaluation for disability plan claims. They allege that former injured players who applied for the Player Disability & Survivor Benefit Plan and NFL Player Disability & Neurocognitive Benefit Plan were arbitrarily denied funds, and those who did... Continue Reading →

A Lawyer Walks Into a Sports Arena…

Lawsuits against Madison Square Garden or one of its entities might now be met with a temporary ban from events. Image of MSG welcoming fans it hasn't banned – Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corporation (“MSG”) is the business that owns the popular Madison Square Garden, Radio City, Beacon Theater, and Chicago Theater venues. The... Continue Reading →

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