Robert Quinn might be the new torch-bearer

Late last week Robert Quinn was acquired by the Dallas Cowboys from the Miami Dolphins. The trade may indicate some progress by NFL owners on players' speech. Robert Quinn has been raising his fist during the national anthem since 2016, and after being traded to the Dolphins last year, Quinn told Michael McKnight of SI that... Continue Reading →

Daily Fantasy Sports Suffers Huge Loss

Yesterday, Acting Supreme Court Justice Gerald W. Connolly ruled that daily fantasy sports ("DFS") games are a form of gambling. In 2016, Article 14 was added to the New York statute that governs Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law ("RPMWBL"). The purpose was to essentially provide a carve-out for "interactive fantasy sports." The legislative findings stated: Interactive... Continue Reading →

The NFL, Nike, & Kaepernick

  Earlier this year, the NFL and Nike announced that they were extending their partnership to 2028, coming into effect once the current deal expires in 2020. While the partnership primarily concerns league apparel, it is not hard to imagine that the NFL was not overly enthusiastic about Nike's recent use of Colin Kaepernick in a... Continue Reading →

New York Jets Are Getting It Right

While the NFL does everything it can to look bad, the Jets, already looking great after potentially finding their franchise quarterback, have proven that they are ahead of the pack when it comes to handling the dilemma over player protests. Per Bob Glauber [1], Chris Johnson, the Jets CEO, has stated that he will be... Continue Reading →

Hey Lamar, Let Us Help A Mother Out…

Citing the current rookie wage scale, Lamar Jackson has opted to go without an agent for his first NFL contract (his mother will serve as his manager).  An article published by Mike Florio cited several aspects of the pre and post-draft process where an agent could be helpful.[1] Florio specifically mentions offset language, guaranteed pay,... Continue Reading →

Anthem Protests

Freedom of Speech The Super Bowl is over and there were no protests.  There is no doubt that the issues from the 2017-18 season remain relevant and the discussion will almost certainly continue into next season.  Although the NFL was at the forefront of the issue, the anthem protests brought national attention to not only police... Continue Reading →

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