LIV Golfers Overlooked a Major Hurdle

Photo via Many of the world’s top golfers were enamored with the dollar amount offered to them to join the LIV Tour, a start-up tour attempting to compete with the PGA. Top names in the sport of golf have made the jump from PGA Tour to LIV Tour, including: Phil Mickelson, Cameron Smith, Dustin... Continue Reading →

Baltimore Orioles Battle of Brothers

Photo via             Along with finding themselves ten games under .500, the Baltimore Orioles are dealing with an ownership dispute that could drastically alter the future of the longstanding franchise. Louis Angelos, the son of Peter Angelos, is suing his brother, John and his mother, Georgia. In his complaint, Louis accuses his brother of... Continue Reading →

Major League Baseball Marketing Surge

Photo via AdAge Intro Major League Baseball (MLB) worked through a labor dispute with the Players’ Association and struck a new Collective Bargaining agreement (CBA) that kept the league from losing games. It is a week later than anticipated, but today marks opening day for baseball. This did not stop MLB from being extremely active... Continue Reading →

MLB Labor Dispute Part II

Photo via CBS Sports Following the most prolific labor dispute Major League Baseball (MLB) has seen in over 25 years, there seems to be more trouble on the horizon for the league. This time it regards the Minor League players and their wages. In a  wage violation litigation dating back to 2014 a federal district... Continue Reading →

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