Rodeo Read Vol. 3

Photo Via: A quick rundown of this past week in sports, entertainment, and law This past weekend, Machine Gun Kelly and the UFC both brought the world of sports and entertainment that much closer to “normalcy.” Admittedly, a sentence that I never thought I would type nor words you ever thought you would read.... Continue Reading →

Texas Senate Tells the NCAA to Saddle Up

Photo Via: The Texas Senate joined other states in allowing athletes to benefit from their Name, Image, and Likeness In not so surprising news, the Texas Senate passed a Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) bill on April 22. The surprising part of the bill is the NIL change will take place starting Sep. 1.... Continue Reading →

Rodeo Read Vol. 2

Photo Via: The LA Times A quick read to catch you up in sports, entertainment, and law The NFL Draft is 10 days away. Not only does this mean we get to see Trevor Lawrence in a Jaguars jersey playing with arguably a worse offense than he played with at Clemson, but it also means... Continue Reading →

Rodeo Read

Photo via: The Buffalo News Author Note: This is a newly implemented weekly read that will be released Monday mornings! A quick read to catch you up in sports and law. A lot has happened recently in sports. No, I am not talking about the Masters. However, congratulations to Hideki Matsyuma for being the first... Continue Reading →

Their Name, But Not Their Property

Photo via: USA Today Sports The NCAA continues to restrict players rights to their own name, image, and likeness Hashtags have become the posters of protest for the internet. Movements that once were marched on the grounds of cities are now being championed on social media. March Madness NCAA athletes are tweeting with the hashtag... Continue Reading →

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