Twitch is deleting many of its “partners” content, citing DMCA takedown notifications

Photo Source: Twitch, the popular live streaming platform owned by Amazon, has surprised many of its most popular streamers recently. A lot of Twitch Partners, users who make money from their streams, received DMCA takedown notifications early last week. The DMCA takedown notification alerts the user that Twitch deleted some of their content that violated... Continue Reading →

TikTok avoids a ban in the U.S., for now.

Photo Source: Nicolas Asfouri, Getty Images On Sunday, a federal judge partially granted TikTok's request for a temporary injunction preventing the banning of the app in the iOS store and the Google Play store. Mere hours before the ban was set to begin, Judge Carl Nichols, who was appointed by President Trump, issued his opinion... Continue Reading →

Epic Games, Inc. v. Apple Inc., the App Store Battle

Photo Source: Epic Games, Inc. ("Epic"), the multi-billion dollar video game developer and creator of the hit game Fortnite, sued Apple Inc. ("Apple") on August 13, 2020 in Federal Court. Epic's complaint alleges that "Apple Monopolizes the iOS App Distribution Market[,]" and "Apple Monopolizes the iOS In-App Payment Processing Market[.]" Epic alleges six different... Continue Reading →

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