Former NFL Players Bring Disability Class Action

Ten players filed an 89-page complaint in Maryland federal court on Thursday, stating that they were denied fair evaluation for disability plan claims. They allege that former injured players who applied for the Player Disability & Survivor Benefit Plan and NFL Player Disability & Neurocognitive Benefit Plan were arbitrarily denied funds, and those who did... Continue Reading →

High-Profile Athletes and Hollywood Celebrities Named as Defendants in $11B FTX Class Action Lawsuit

[1] On November 15, a consortium of investors filed a class-action lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida against the founder of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, along with several high-profile athletes and Hollywood celebrities, including seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, NBA superstar Stephen Curry, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, tennis star Naomi Osaka, and “Seinfeld” creator... Continue Reading →

19-Year-Old American Chess Grandmaster Hans Niemann Sues Chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen and Others for $400 Million

[1] Last Thursday, in the United States District Court of the Eastern District of Missouri, 19-year-old American chess grandmaster Hans Niemann filed a lawsuit accusing chess world champion Magnus Carlsen and others of maliciously colluding to defame him and ruining his career by blacklisting him from chess.[2] Niemann is seeking an award of at least... Continue Reading →

Brian Flores Takes a Stand Against the NFL

Photo via: The Palm Beach Post Brian Flores, former Miami Dolphins head coach, is taking action against the NFL’s longstanding diversity issues Before I start, I want to say a few things. I recently attended an event where John W. Marshall, son of the late-great first black Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, discussed growing up... Continue Reading →

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