Kemari Averett: U of L’s Persona Non Grata

What a Delayed Suspension Meant for Kemari Averett, U of L Cardinals, & His Accusers Louisville Sophomore tight end Kemari Averett was suspended indefinitely on October 16, after his arrest the previous day for allegedly threatening his pregnant girlfriend at gunpoint on October 14.  Since news of the suspension, Averett has also been accused of raping a... Continue Reading →

Maryland Football Part Three: D.J. Durkin Out As Head Coach of the Terrapins Following the Independent Commission’s Report

The long awaited report following an independent investigation into the culture of the Maryland Terrapins football program has finally been released, ultimately resulting in the removal of D.J. Durkin as Head Coach of the Maryland Terrapins. University of Maryland student-athlete Jordan McNair died in June of exertional heat stroke which he suffered at a Maryland... Continue Reading →

Daily Fantasy Sports Suffers Huge Loss

Yesterday, Acting Supreme Court Justice Gerald W. Connolly ruled that daily fantasy sports ("DFS") games are a form of gambling. In 2016, Article 14 was added to the New York statute that governs Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law ("RPMWBL"). The purpose was to essentially provide a carve-out for "interactive fantasy sports." The legislative findings stated: Interactive... Continue Reading →

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