A Candid Discussion with Coach Tommy Amaker – Teach, Lead, Serve: A Playbook For Coaches in a Time of Crisis

On Thursday, March 19, 2021, the Buffalo Sports and Entertainment Law Society was fortunate enough to speak with Tommy Amaker, Head Coach of the Harvard Crimson men’s basketball team.  Coach Amaker has an impressive resume.  On top of being an All-American player himself, he coached for the University of Michigan, Seton Hall University, and assisted... Continue Reading →

Hey, NCAA: It’s Time to Listen

March Madness 2021 has empowered the group with the most power to impact immediate and lasting change to the NCAA's amateurism model--the athletes. If the start of this year's men's and women's basketball championships is indicative of what's to come in 2021 for the NCAA, it should be scared. While the NCAA has faced legitimate... Continue Reading →

Hey, NCAA, This Looks Bad…Really Bad.

Over the past few years, BSELS contributor, Joe Schafer (@jwschafe), has reported on the NCAA's long history of inequitable and questionable conduct. Yesterday marked another example of that inequitable conduct. Yesterday, March 18, University of Oregon Women's Basketball player, Sedona Prince, used social media to reveal the glaring discrepancy between the men's and women's weight... Continue Reading →

Their Name, But Not Their Property

Photo via: USA Today Sports The NCAA continues to restrict players rights to their own name, image, and likeness Hashtags have become the posters of protest for the internet. Movements that once were marched on the grounds of cities are now being championed on social media. March Madness NCAA athletes are tweeting with the hashtag... Continue Reading →


Photo Source: HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas Esports stands for "electronic sports." It describes the world of competitive, organized video gaming. It allows people from all over the world to connect and play games together in real time. In 2020, there were 496 million esports followers. It is predicted that, by 2023, there will be... Continue Reading →


One Last Goal, a charitable foundation established by the family of UB Sports Law alum Matthew Benedict, is co-sponsoring a free mental health webinar, "Behind the Mask" featuring mental health expert Ross Szabo in partnership with the Maria Love Fund. Mr. Szabo is a nationally renowned speaker on mental health concerns affecting young people, and... Continue Reading →

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