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Josh Rosen threw a touchdown pass on a play-action crossing post to Chad Williams on a 22-yard score. It was a great throw and a great catch. Oh, and Le’Veon Bell was vindicated. No, this wasn’t a contest between the Cardinals and Steelers. This was a match-up with the Seattle Seahawks. But what happened on... Continue Reading →

NCAA Submits Formal Notice of Allegations Against Baylor University

In June of 2017, the NCAA opened an investigation into the series of horrific events related to the sexual assault scandal surrounding the Baylor University football program. On Monday the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that the investigation is complete, and the NCAA has officially submitted a formal notice of allegations against Baylor University. This formal notice "outlines the rules... Continue Reading →

Latest Report Suggests That, In Durkin’s Football Program, You Could be Anywhere From a Champion to a “Waste of Life”

With the findings of an ongoing investigation into the "toxic culture" surrounding the University of Maryland's football program expected any day now, the Terrapins are continuing to find out just how low rock bottom can get. University of Maryland student-athlete Jordan McNair died in June of exertional heat stroke which he suffered at a Maryland... Continue Reading →

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