Baltimore Orioles Battle of Brothers

Photo via             Along with finding themselves ten games under .500, the Baltimore Orioles are dealing with an ownership dispute that could drastically alter the future of the longstanding franchise. Louis Angelos, the son of Peter Angelos, is suing his brother, John and his mother, Georgia. In his complaint, Louis accuses his brother of... Continue Reading →

Saban v. Fisher: The Recruiting Feud of 2022 Demonstrates the Divide in the Player Compensation Landscape

Our traditional understanding of college athletics has taken a significant hit over the past several months since the NCAA lifted its restriction against players receiving compensation for their Name, Image, and Likeness. The NCAA has since provided little guidance in defining this new space. For example, a summary of the NCAA’s interim policy states: “Individuals... Continue Reading →


Congratulations to our 2022 UB Sports Law graduates on their commencement day! This very special group not only survived law school in a pandemic, they flourished. Their efforts helped further strengthen our Sports Law program with innovative virtual events featuring speakers such as Harvard Basketball Coach Tommy Amaker, Stanford Women's Basketball Coach Tara VanDerveer, and... Continue Reading →

Meet Sam Tiger – NFL Agent

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sam Tiger; someone I have had been working with for the past few years. Sam’s passion for the sports and entertainment industry blossomed from a young age, she knew growing up that she loved football, whether it was watching it, or analyzing the players in the game, it was... Continue Reading →

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