Supreme Court denies the NFL’s writ of certiorari. But, has the Supreme Court already ruled on the matter?

Source: DirecTV/ The Supreme Court denied the NFL's writ of certiorari regarding DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket antitrust concerns. Plaintiffs Ninth Inning, Inc., et al., filed an antitrust lawsuit against the NFL, the member teams, and DirecTV. Traditionally, NFL teams cannot compete for viewers outside of their home region during the same time slot. If the... Continue Reading →

Sportsbooks Paying You Back?

Photo Source: Abby Drey / Indiana and Penn State football provided a thrilling start to the Big Ten season, but not without a hugely controversial referee call along with it. With Indiana going for the 2 point conversion down 1 in overtime, Indiana's quarterback Michael Penix, Jr. dove full extension to the pylon to... Continue Reading →

Twitch is deleting many of its “partners” content, citing DMCA takedown notifications

Photo Source: Twitch, the popular live streaming platform owned by Amazon, has surprised many of its most popular streamers recently. A lot of Twitch Partners, users who make money from their streams, received DMCA takedown notifications early last week. The DMCA takedown notification alerts the user that Twitch deleted some of their content that violated... Continue Reading →

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