NFL Mock Draft 2018 Crozier 2.0

The “long awaited” Post-Combine/Post-Free Agency 2018 1st Round Mock Draft: 1.) Cleveland Browns: Sam Darnold, QB, USC One of multiple picks I have staying the same from 1.0. In my opinion, and that’s all I have in this, Darnold will become the best QB in this draft. Not to say others won’t be successful either,... Continue Reading →

NFL Mock Draft 2018 Crozier 1.0

This is my first official 2018 NFL Mock draft. Feel free to comment, or absolutely berate me in the hallways, if you hate this draft. Based on what I’ve researched, and film I've watched on these players, this is my best guess at how the first round could unfold on April 26th.   1.) Cleveland... Continue Reading →

Why Tide won Super Bowl LII

Tide knew it had a winner this year. This is clear by the advertising strategy the company employed during this year's annual crop of Super Bowl commercials. Not only did Tide hire Hawkins Chief of Police, Jim Hopper, (Stranger Things reference for Hulu subscribers) to be its spokesperson, but the company used a per-quarter advertising... Continue Reading →

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