Nike drops Antonio Brown

It appears that the AB drama may never end. This week, Antonio Brown lost a major endorsement deal with Nike, the largest seller of athletic apparel and footwear in the world. The news broke on Wednesday night when a spokesperson from Nike told The Boston Globe that “Antonio Brown is not a Nike athlete.” Although... Continue Reading →

NBA Agents Say No Thank You To The NCAA

The FBI's investigation into fraud, improper benefits and various other pay for recruit schemes rocked college basketball. It exposed a shady underground that the public largely didn't know existed, but that some insiders had known was there all along. In response, the NCAA formed the Rice Commission in order to, "gather information and expert opinions... Continue Reading →

#Trending: Copyright infringement suits against celebrities posting photos of themselves.

Image Credit: Splash News Paparazzi have long made their incomes from photographing celebrities and then selling those photos to various publications. The juicer the photograph, the bigger the paycheck. For example, catching a celebrity in a compromising situation (e.g., Britney Spears circa 2007) can earn a paparazzo a decent payday. Being the first to capture... Continue Reading →

Oh Agent, My Agent: What Role Did Drew Rosenhaus Play In The Antonio Brown Saga?

Image from: Ryan Dunleavy/NJ Advance Media Generally, professional athletes receive the airtime originating from their respective sports, however some agents have become household names due to their negotiating skills, savvy use of the media, and high profile clients. Drew Rosenhaus, Scott Boras, and Rich Paul, among others, fall into this "super agent" category. Most recently,... Continue Reading →

What is Pointsbetting??

A New Type of Wager Emerges The Baltimore Ravens 59-10 beatdown of the Miami Dolphins was one of the most notable week one storylines, both in NFL and gambling circles. The Dolphins are going to struggle this season, and one person has already cashed in. A bettor in New Jersey won a reported $600,000 by... Continue Reading →

Kent State Apologizes . . .

The National Field Hockey Coaches Association condemned Saturday's events: “The optics and the messaging to every field hockey program and to every field hockey player are that while they matter, they don't matter more than pre-game football festivities,” the statement reads. “We see this as a terrible message being communicated to female student-athletes in this... Continue Reading →

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