OT in the NFL

Its an NFL game, the end of regulation time and you are headed into OT. So how much does winning the coin toss affect your chances of winning the game? Well that depends on whether this is the regular season or the playoffs.  Since 1974 when the league adopted OT rules for regular season games,... Continue Reading →

He’s Back…

If you watched the Phillies at all this season, you may have noticed the best mascot in sports, the Phillie Phanatic, looked a bit different. His antics, however, were the same. The cosmetic adjustments weren’t part of the normal evolution mascots generally undergo, rather they were the direct result of a lawsuit between the Phillies organization and the... Continue Reading →

MLB Lockout Effect on Competitive Balance

            The recent lockout not only affects the players, but also the teams. Prior to the lockout, MLB was seeing a very eventful off-season. Big name players like Max Scherzer, Corey Seager, Javier Baez, Starling Marte, Marcus Semien, among many others all signed massive contracts with different clubs. These deals are all upwards of $100... Continue Reading →

CTE an easy excuse for criminals?

Over the past decade, we have learned a significant amount about head injuries in sports and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). Although there is plenty we still do not know about CTE - and we cannot detect it in living patients - what we know so far has helped us understand, or try to understand, some... Continue Reading →

Rodeo Read Vol. 8

Hello everyone, welcome to another riveting edition of everyone’s favorite segment: the Rodeo Read. The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind—wilder than the Wild West itself for the legal community. From sneakers to streaming services, there’s plenty of sports and entertainment law-related news to get through, so let’s jump right in.  Nike Pulls... Continue Reading →

Survival of the Fittest

Lululemon and Peloton each filed suit against one another over patent disputes Two giants in the fitness space are going to battle in court over athletic apparel designs. Lululemon filed a patent lawsuit in the Los Angeles federal court against Peloton for allegedly copying designs of their sports bras and leggings. However, the lawsuit ensued... Continue Reading →

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