Rodeo Read vol. 5

Photo via: NPR A quick rundown of this past week in sports, entertainment, and law Hey everyone, I’m taking over for Jeremy for this week’s Rodeo Rundown. Go easy on me, it’s my first time writing this column, so I’m a bit out of my comfort zone. With that being said, I am grateful for... Continue Reading →

Investing Gold to Go Green

With the National Hockey League’s 2021-2022 season just around the corner, there are many exciting things for hockey fans to look forward to, with one of the most notable events being the debut of Washington’s new NHL franchise, the Seattle Krakens. After the success of the Vegas Golden Knights first season, the Kraken will likely... Continue Reading →

Rodeo Read Vol. 4

Photo Via Triller A quick rundown of this past week in sports, entertainment, and law “I’m back.” Michael Jordan famously said as he returned from his first retirement in 1995. The same goes for the Rodeo Rundown as we reintroduce ourselves into the sports, entertainment, and law world. This past week did not disappoint. First... Continue Reading →

MLB CBA Tracker: Service Time Proposal

The Major League Baseball collective bargaining agreement expires on December 1, 2021. ESPN’s own Jeff Passan reported that leaders from MLB and the MLBPA met on Tuesday, April 18 for the first official negotiating session.[i] There is a concern baseball could face its first work stoppage since the 1994/95 season. Over recent years relations between... Continue Reading →

Hey, NCAA: NIL is just the start

Outside pressures forced the NCAA to adopt long-overdue NIL legislation, ushering in a new era of athletes' rights and proving the NCAA no longer has autonomy to govern collegiate athletics. As the clock was about to strike midnight the NCAA finally caved and voted to allow all college athletes to earn compensation from their Name,... Continue Reading →

“The NCAA is not above the law.”

Image credit: Strong words, and the last sentence in a compelling concurring opinion written by Justice Kavanaugh in a watershed unanimous Supreme Court decision issued earlier today, NCAA v. Alston. This long-awaited decision begins a new era for collegiate athletics. What remains to be seen, however, is what that new landscape will look like.... Continue Reading →

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