Inside the UFC’s Image and Accountability Problem

Conor McGregor’s most recent arrest highlights how the UFC has created and fueled its own image problem by making unilateral exceptions for star athletes.  Few athletes have grown in popularity faster than Conor McGregor. His brand resembles an empire with revenue pouring in from various industries, the least of which coming from actually fighting in... Continue Reading →

FBI: “Hey, NCAA, You’re Still Pretty Bad at This”

"Operation Varsity Blues" once again proves that the FBI is the best enforcement staff the NCAA never asked for. "We are here today to announce charges in the largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice.  We've charged fifty people nationwide with participating in conspiracy that involved--first--cheating on college entrance exams, including... Continue Reading →

Hey, NCAA, This is Still Your Fault

March Madness 2019 could be the last of its kind, as student-athletes inch closer to victory in their class action antitrust lawsuit against the NCAA . . . and it's about time. March Madness 2018 was characterized by scandal and redemption.  Last year at this time, the shortcomings of NCAA Division I men's basketball were fully... Continue Reading →

Protecting College Football Players from the Draft Process: Combine Everyone

The current collective bargaining agreement governing the NFL disenfranchises college athletes entering the draft process, leaving them at the mercy of management.  In late February every year, NFL owners and their respective staffs flock to Indianapolis to see an athletic showcase, labeled a Combine, with select draft eligible collegiate football players. To be clear, this... Continue Reading →

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