Not Shakin’ This One Off: Taylor Swift to Re-record Past Albums in an Attempt to Own Her Own Music

(Image: AP Photo/Darron Cummings) Earlier this summer, renowned music manager, Scooter Braun, through his company, Ithaca Holdings, purchased the Nashville-based Big Machine Label Group. Along with this purchase came the rights to the master recordings of Taylor Swift's first six albums, which were all recorded with Big Machine Label Group. Swift is particularly upset with... Continue Reading →

Are We Sure That’s Patrick Chung’s Cocaine?

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution protects citizens from "unreasonable searches and seizures." It also requires law enforcement to obtain a warrant based on probable cause before entering one's home to conduct a search. Probable cause exists when law enforcement reasonably believes the object of the search is located inside or that an offense has... Continue Reading →


Photo Credit: Matt Slocum, Associated Press The NCAA continues to assert that student-athletes are not employees, however, their rules suggest otherwise. The newest “tightening” of transfer guidelines looks just like a non-compete, which typically is used to restrict employee’s freedom. The NCAA distinguishes its product from that of professional sports by branding its participants as... Continue Reading →

Farewell and thank you to a UB Icon

The UB Sports Law community wishes a fond farewell and best wishes to Senior Associate Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator Kathy Twist. Kathy, who was an early champion of the concept of the Center for the Advancement of Sport, has had a long, illustrious career at UB. Among her many accomplishments, she was coach of the... Continue Reading →

In Memoriam: Matt Benedict

Professor Nellie Drew, Director - UB Center for the Advancement of SportLast week, the UB Sports Law community was devastated by the loss of one of its most vibrant, enthusiastic members. Matt Benedict, a second year law student, died suddenly on July 1st. The photo above shows Matt, on the far right, with some of... Continue Reading →

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