Buffalo Sports Law Celebrates 50 Years of Title IX

On behalf of the Buffalo Sports and Entertainment Law Society, we are excited to present a three-day celebration of Title IX.

Thursday, June 23, 2022, marks the 50th anniversary of the passage of Title IX. This federal civil rights law has been credited with profoundly changing education in the United States by barring sex discrimination in our nation’s schools. Included in this profound change has been Title IX’s impact on sports. As sports law students, we are in a position to study Title IX’s impact on the various realities facing sports today. As a result, several of us have written articles exploring various intersections of sports and Title IX. These articles cover several aspects of Title IX ranging from pay discrepancies to transgender issues. Each article intends to spark conversation because communicating amongst ourselves about the current realities in our world will not only prove to preserve Title IX’s impact but will work to make it even stronger during its next fifty years.

Beginning tomorrow, we will publish two articles a day for the next three days in celebration of Title IX’s 50th anniversary. As a preview, below you will find each post along with its author. Please enjoy!

Tuesday, June 21:

  • One TikTok Changed the Trajectory of the NCAA and Women’s Basketball – Brooke Leddon ‘22
  • Title IX Protections for LGBT Individuals – Eddie Passero ‘22

Wednesday, June 22:

  • Title IX’s Applicability to Transgender Student Athletes – Daniel Saltzman ‘22
  • Impact of Player Compensation on Title IX – Connor Johnson ‘23

Thursday, June 23:

  • Gender Pay Discrepancy – Emily Maziarz ’23
  • Fair Play? Who Can Really Say? – Donnett Hickson ‘23

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