NHL Concludes Investigation into Ian Cole

The NHL recently concluded its investigation regarding Ian Cole’s sexual misconduct allegations.[1] In a tweet in early October, a woman claimed that she and Cole’s relationship had started when she was a minor and that Cole had groomed her over a four-year stretch.[2] In addition, she accused Cole of pressuring her into sex while she was a minor, as well as emotional and sexual abuse. In her post, the woman stated, “[t]he NHL needs to hold themselves and their players accountable for creating an enabling environment of misogynistic and predatory behavior.” These allegations, along with all of the accusations against Hockey Canada, created significant negative publicity for the NHL and the sport overall. As a result of these allegations, Cole was suspended with pay from the Tampa Bay Lightning.

On October 15, 2022, the NHL concluded its investigation of the sexual misconduct allegations against Cole.[3] The NHL said it found no evidence to substantiate the sexual misconduct allegations against Cole, and it considers the matter closed. Following this statement from the NHL, Cole was immediately reinstated by the Tampa Bay Lightning. Thereafter, Cole released a statement: “I’m grateful for the opportunity to respond to and refute the anonymous allegations made against me, which I categorically deny. I’m looking forward to returning to the ice with my teammates and will have no further comments on this matter going forward.”

The NHL’s investigation lasted a week, and it was conducted by the NHL Security and Legal Departments. The NHL said it was unable to contact the source of the Twitter account. In addition, the NHL said it did a detailed review of online and social media, public data, and court records, as well as law enforcement checks, plus interviews with Cole and “other individuals with potentially relevant information.”

The NHLPA released a statement concerning Cole, stating, “We are pleased that the situation with Ian Cole is now resolved and that the NHL has closed the matter. However, players should never be subject to suspension or discipline in response to unsubstantiated and anonymous accusations. Removing a player from his team under these circumstances is inappropriate and grossly unfair. We are engaging the League in discussions on how to address similar situations in the future.”[4]

Some believe the NHL’s investigation was a “joke.” They feel as though the NHL did not explore all avenues it should have to get to the bottom of these allegations. One article states the NHL did not give the Cole case the proper due diligence required and simply responding to the woman’s tweet with “DM us” was not enough.[5] One issue people seem to be pointing to is the lack of transparency from the NHL. Given everything that is going on in the hockey world right now, people want the NHL to be more open about the steps it took in the investigation and what facts it relied upon to reach its determination that there was no evidence to support the sexual misconduct allegations. 

Accusations of sexual misconduct are very serious matters and should be taken seriously. However, there have been cases in the past where false accusations have ruined an individual’s life. At this point in time, nobody knows the true story of what happened with Cole and the woman besides the two of them, and it creates real issues in determining how to go about handling these types of allegations. The NHLPA stated it is talking with the NHL about how to handle allegations like this in the future, however, it seems like a difficult issue to solve. How can the NHL effectively handle these allegations and provide support and respect to the alleged victims while also protecting players from unsubstantiated accusations? It seems like something that cannot be solved overnight and there needs to be serious discussion about how to find an acceptable balance between doing right by alleged victims and looking out for players’ interests. It will be interesting to see if any new information regarding this investigation comes out over the next few weeks and how the NHL would respond if any such information is released.  

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