Former New Mexico State Basketball Players Charged with Multiple Felonies

The New Mexico Attorney General’s office investigated hazing allegations involving New Mexico State’s basketball team last season.[2] After this investigation, three former New Mexico State basketball players were charged with a count of criminal sexual penetration, several counts of false imprisonment, several counts of criminal sexual contact, one count of conspiracy to commit criminal sexual contact, and one count of conspiracy to commit false imprisonment.[3]

Last February, New Mexico State prematurely ended its season with five games left due to these allegations. Greg Hair, New Mexico State’s basketball coach, was fired due to these allegations after the investigation. Jason Hooten was hired to replace Heiar.

A 28-page complaint described an alleged incident where one of the three men grabbed one of their teammate’s scrotum in a hotel room in front of a group of women. Another allegation claimed two of the men ripped back a shower curtain on one of their teammates and forced him to do squats while they slapped his buttocks while videotaping the incident. Another allegation stated all three defendants attacked one of their teammates and sodomized him during a bus trip to a game. New Mexico State settled this lawsuit in June for $8 million.[4]

Last week, other members of last year’s New Mexico State basketball team brought a second lawsuit. 

Only one of the three men charged with these felonies was recruited by a new school; however, he was suspended last week because of the Title IX violations he committed during his time at New Mexico State.

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