Jim Harbaugh, His Suspension & Current Status With The Wolverines

Jim Harbaugh has led Michigan to back-to-back Big Ten Championships and College Football Playoff appearances.  During his tenure, the Wolverines have produced three of the five most-productive offensive seasons in school history. [1] His success as a head coach is undeniable, but it begs the question: If there has been such great success, why is cheating necessary? Or, is the cheating creating the opportunity for continued success?

On Friday, November  10th, the Big Ten suspended Harbaugh from coaching the final three regular-season games for the Wolverines.  Since then, it is confirmed that Harbaugh was not in attendance at the Michigan v. Penn State game on Saturday where the Wolverines walked away with a 24-15 win over the Nittany Lions . Friday’s suspension came 23 days after the NCAA informed conference and Michigan officials of the credible information they received regarding Michigan’s involvement in a sign-stealing scheme.  Apart of the scheme was analyst Connor Stalions and others who have not been named.  Stalions and the others supposedly scouted future opponents off campus, which has long been banned by the NCAA rules.  [2]

Big Ten Commissioner, Tony Petitti, made his decision to suspend Harbaugh in a swift manner.  Almost immediately following the suspension, the president of Michigan, Santa Ono, made a statement explaining that the university would be seeking a court order to overturn the suspension. [Id.] Petitti wrote, in a 13-page letter sent to Warde Manuel, Michigan’s athletics director, that the Big Ten believed Michigan “violated the Sportsmanship Policy because a University football staff member engaged in an organized, extensive, years-long in-person advance scouting scheme that was impermissible.” Petitti continued to explain that “such misconduct inherently compromises the integrity of competition.”  According to Petitti, Harbaugh’s punishment is necessary because a) the Big Ten believes Michigan did in fact commit violations this season, and b) punishment enforcement is important to protect the reputation of the Conference and its member institutions and to ensure that the competitions on the field are honorable and fair. 

A court hearing is scheduled to take place this upcoming Friday and Harbaugh plans to attend.  At this hearing, the Judge will hear arguments on whether to grant a restraining order that would reverse Harbaugh’s three-game suspension imposed by the Big Ten. [3] The two final regular season games are coming up, and the court hearing on Friday will help to determine whether Harbaugh is able to attend those games. 

To add to the drama, Michigan Regents have discussed leaving the Big Ten if Harbaugh were to be suspended, which would likely be viewed as a huge overreaction on account of collegiate football.  However, with that said, Michigan is one of the few schools that would be able to make it work as an independent, but can the same be said for the University’s other sports? [4]

As this story continues to unfold, and the truth rises to the top, it will be interesting to see what happens next.  Will the Big Ten’s suspension be overruled? Or will it be upheld after Friday’s court hearing? And if it’s upheld, will the NCAA look into this and do their own investigation? [5] And lastly, will Michigan actually leave the Big Ten, or is this a “Leave the League” power play move to keep people talking and on their toes?

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