Update: Paradigm Files Motion to Compel Arbitration

Image Credit: Paradigm

A week after former Paradigm agent, Debbee Klein, filed a breach of contract and whistleblower lawsuit against Paradigm, Paradigm has filed a detailed declaration of denial and a motion to compel arbitration.

Paradigm’s motion states that Klein’s “allegations of supposedly illegal conduct are pure fabrication designed to humiliate Gores and Paradigm and extort a lucrative settlement.” Included in the motion are multiple attachments of Paradigm’s employee handbooks over the years, signed by Klein, which state that all Paradigm personnel without written contracts are at-will employees and are obligated to settled disputes in arbitration. As Klein has admitted that her new employment contract was an oral contract, Paradigm has a good chance of succeeding on its motion to compel arbitration.

Check back for updates on the ongoing litigation.

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Liz Costello, University at Buffalo School of Law, Class of 2020. Liz is the Treasurer of the Buffalo Sports and Entertainment Law Society, an Articles Editor of the Buffalo Law Review, and an anticipated associate at Rupp Baase Pfalzgraf Cunningham LLC. Having grown up in Los Angeles with an entertainment attorney mother, Liz is especially interested in the legal issues surrounding music, film, television, and sports. Her favorite activities include going to local live music and sporting events.

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