Title IX 50th Anniversary

This article is posted on behalf of Aviva Abramovsky, Dean, the University at Buffalo School of Law.

As the first female Dean of the University at Buffalo School of Law, it is my great pleasure to take this opportunity to celebrate the seminal 50th Anniversary of Title IX.  The tremendous significance of this historic legislation is reflected in the daily experience of students, student-athletes, educators and administrators across the academic spectrum.   Here at UB, Title IX is not simply a legal standard requiring compliance.  It is a call to action and a commitment to a continuing effort to ensure equality of opportunity to all.   As we reflect upon the important achievements that have occurred since 1972, we also recognize that the full promise of Title IX has yet to be realized.  With that in mind, we here at the University at Buffalo School of Law and the Center for the Advancement of Sport will remain dedicated to furthering gender equality in programming, policy and legislation. 

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