And The Message was Received: US Soccer Chief Resigns After Uproar About Lawsuit Filing

Credit: USA Today Sports Images

Credit Coca-Cola. The beverage company stood up for US Women’s Soccer, objecting vehemently to the misogynistic statements made in a court filing by attorneys for US Soccer earlier this week. Coca-Cola deemed the statements “unacceptable and offensive”. Anheuser-Busch and Procter & Gamble joined in protesting the position, which was roundly criticized in national media.

The US Women’s team wore their warmup jerseys inside out to hide the US Soccer crest following the filing. In response, US Soccer Chief Carlos Cardeiro apologized, and reshuffled the legal team. Apparently, that was not enough. On Thursday, Cardeiro resigned. US Soccer’s Vice-President, Cindy Parlowe Cone, will become US Soccer’s first female President. Presumably, US Soccer’s approach to the women’s game will change in the near future.

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