Some Things are Bigger Than Sports: Kudos to Mark Cuban

Photo credit: AP Images/Alfredo Lee

Mark Cuban’s look of shock upon receiving the news that the NBA season had been suspended on Wednesday night went viral. He recovered quickly, and, to his credit, immediately focused upon those who would be adversely impacted by the NBA’s important choice to protect public health. Cuban committed to continuing to pay his hourly employees during the term of the suspension, spurring others – players and owners- to ante up as well.

Let’s hope everyone, on every level, follows Mark Cuban’s lead, seeing the big picture and looking for opportunities to help others. Whether it’s continuing to pay employees during work stoppages, choosing to shut down rather than expose others to possible contagion or just plain #stayinghome to #flatten the curve, we can do this. We need to do this. It’s time for all of the rabid sports fans out there to direct their energies and passion to something more important than even their teams’ success: helping each other. Bills Mafia, are you listening? The people who meet the team at the airport at 2:00 am in freezing cold can certainly do what it takes to beat Coronavirus. Let’s work together, and in doing so, protect the most vulnerable among us.

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