The Center for the Advancement of Sport is especially proud this year to congratulate the Class of 2020 for its remarkable perseverance as it virtually mounts the podium to claim the J.D. degree. We want to give special recognition to our blog contributors: Vadim Belous, Kevin Bronson, Elizabeth Costello, Nicholas Mansour, Dominic Mirizio, Hannah Rauh, Brandon Snyder, Caroline Vilardo and Courtney Way. Please join us in thanking all of our Sports Law graduates:

Morgan Arndt, Jack Bargnesi, Meghan Carrig, Taylor Erhardt, Alexander Fantauzzo, Trek Fulater, Ryan Godwin, Katie Gojevic, Arrianna Hart, Michael Held, Destiny Johnson, Samuel Kielar, Kristen Kozlowski, Brandon Le, Rosellen Marohn, Kristin Markarian, Fallon Martin, Robert McDonald, Dylan Miller, Sean Murphy, Andrew Pawenski, Rebecca Postek, Aaqil Remtulla, Jordan Schenk, Jeffrey Schneider, Shelby Scibetta, Brendan Shannon, Cory Shirley, Gwendolyn Vary, and John Zakour

We wish you all the very best as you begin the next chapter of your lives.


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