What’s the story with Richard Sherman?

Richard Sherman, the three-time All-Pro cornerback, was arrested on July 14, 2021 and charged with five criminal misdemeanor charges in King County, Washington – driving under the influence, reckless endangerment of roadway workers, criminal trespass in the second degree (domestic violence designation), resisting arrest and malicious mischief in the third degree (domestic violence designation). No one was injured during this event. Back in July, Sherman pled not guilty to all five charges.

In July, at 1:26am, a 911 call reported that a car had driven through a closed construction site, hitting a construction barrier causing significant damage to the vehicle. The same car, registered to Richard Sherman, was later located in a nearby parking lot. Police then began searching for Sherman. Simultaneously, Redmond, Washington police were responding to a call that Sherman was trying to force his way into his in-law’s residence. Sherman caused damage to the door of the home. According to NFL.com, “the domestic violence component results from Mr. Sherman’s relationship with the occupants of the residence, not due to him physically assaulting his significant other.” Sherman never broke into the residence. Originally when the police arrived at the scene, Sherman was cordial with the police. However, once the police told Sherman that they had probable cause to make an arrest, he attempted to walk away from the police. Sherman then proceeded to resist once officers made physical contact with him. The K-9 police dog was then deployed to help get Sherman into custody. During the incident, an arresting officer and Sherman sustained minor injuries.

Before this incident, it was reported that Sherman was having personal troubles. Sherman has played in the NFL for the past 10 seasons. The first 7 seasons were with the Seattle Seahawks, and the last 3 seasons were with the San Francisco 49ers. Sherman is the Vice President of the NFLPA’s Executive Committee. Sherman’s contract with the 49er’s ended in 2020 and he is now a free agent.

Sherman is very anxious to get back to work. In a statement on Thursday to Touchdown Wire’s Doug Farrar, Sherman stated:

It’s unfortunate. It’s one of those things, one of those times in life you reach a bit of a crossroads and it seems my crossroads was seen more publicly. But I’m grateful for what happened. It was a good eye opening experience. It was a good chance for me to find help.

Sherman discusses that he is working on his mental health. He stated that he was constantly pushing the issues with his mental health off. He stated that his legal issues most likely will not be resolved until the season is over. Sherman also has not heard anything from the NFL regarding their investigation.

When asked why a GM should sign him, Sherman stated:

I’ve got a decade worth of resume that should stand more firmly than a momentary lapse in judgment. I’ve got a decade of character and tape to be judged off of. If you’re judging me off of a momentary lapse, I’m probably not the player for you either way.

It has been reported that both the Buccaneers and the 49ers are interested in signing Sherman. 49er’s fans have been calling for the team to sign Sherman after Jason Verrett tore his ACL. It will be interesting to see if Sherman is signed by either team in the next few days.




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