Chicago Blackhawks Investigation vs. Washington Football Team Investigation

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Both investigations were about sexual misconduct that was incorrectly handled by staff members. The allegations occurred during the same time frame. The Blackhawks incident happened in May 2010 and the WFT misconduct occurred between 2006 and 2019. Both club’s hired outside outside counsel to investigate the alleged misconduct. In both cases, employees of the clubs came forward to report the sexual misconduct.  Both attorneys who investigated the claims for the club’s have a prosecutorial background. 


CB -Kyle Beach for the Blackhawks came forward stating that he was “John Doe” in the report

WFT – Emily Applegate went to the Washington Post to report the misconduct for the misconduct.  14 other women did choose to remain anonymous.

CB- Released a 107 page report detailing the misconduct. 

WFT – Goodell stated on 10/26/2021 that the Washington Football Team investigation would not be released to the public. Goodell cited the “security, privacy and anonymity” of the former WFT employees. 

CB- Was fined $2 million for the misconduct (team worth just over a billion dollars). 

WFT – Was fined $10 million for the misconduct (team worth approximately $4.2 billion dollars)

CB –  Lawsuit was filed in May 2021 which started investigation

WFT – Washington Post published an article on July 16, 2020 entitled 15 women accuse former Redskins employees of sexual harassment and verbal abuse prompting an investigation

CB – The law firm hired by the Blackhawks controlled the investigation 

WFT – The League took over the Washington Football Team investigation

CB – Hired attorneys from Jenner and Block to complete the investigation

WFT – Hired attorney Beth Wilkinson from Wilkinson Walsh LLP to investigate the cames 

CB – Won Stanley Cup and allowed Brad Aldrich to celebrate the stanley cup win and receive a championship bonus 

WFT – WFT did not win a championship during the time of the misconduct   


B-Team’s Executive staff covered up the allegations for years

WFT- No inklings that Daniel Synder knew of the misconduct by staff members

CB–1 person accused of sexual misconduct and harassment 

WFT–5 people accused of sexual misconduct and harassment 

CB–no news media were harassed during the time period of the misconduct

WFT–2 reporters, 1 from the Athletic and 1 from the Ringer were subjected to sexual misconduct

CB-President of Hockey Operations and Senior Vice President resigned

WFT-Tanya Snyder joins Daniel as co-CEO and takes over day-to-day operations 

CB- Report did not make any recommendations

WFT- Wilkinson report made 10 recommendations

CB- No one outside organization was involved in the misconduct

WFT- Individuals from outside the WFT, including Jon Gruden, face repercussions for their involvement with the sexual misconduct

CB- Congress had no need to request the investigative report, they did it on their own recognizance 

WFT- Congress has requested the WFT investigative report

CB- No employees had to request the reproduction of the investigative report 

WFT – Two former WFT employees went to the NFL owners meeting in NYC to personally request that the investigative report be released 

CB – No other team owners called for the release of the investigative report 

WFT – Mark Davis called for the release of the WFT investigation report 

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